Thoughts: Stay Kind.

Don't let the cruelty of this world makes you heartless.
Its such a waste when you can't love and appreciate all the things that comes into your life.
Don't let your cold heart hurts the people that loves you. Everyone has their own stories, pains and struggles, some of them survived, some were not. But remember, God gives the hardest battle to His strongest soldier. You can survive the pain, like you did before.

God will never break His promises. After the struggles, there will be happiness, and lessons for you to learn.

It might hurts you for a while. Im not saying that the pain will go away in minutes, but it will eventually heals. It heals with time.

You might thinks that the world is so unfair, but if you have faith, then you should know that Allah is always fair. He see, and He knows what was happened to you, He knows your struggles, your heartache, your tears, and He is the one that will brings back all the light into your life. Remember, He see it all.

Stay kind, stay true to yourself ❤


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