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[Reviews] Sulwhasoo Overnight Revitalizing Mask

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Im so excited about this review because I really really love this sleeping pack. I use it as my night moisturiser, which I apply every night after my serum. Eventhough some bloggers said to wash this off after 15 minutes, but I just prefer to leave it on overnight.

This is an anti aging sleeping pack that perfects even for sensitive skins. It made of korean Ginseng and other herbs to treat our skin while we sleep. Of course, it has strong scents of Ginseng, but I love it! I love how it makes my skin feels soft and bright after a few usage.


I bought two tubes of this mask for RM70, each contains 30ml of products. The actual size of this mask is 120ml and it retails for RM170. Yes, its quite pricey because Sulwhasoo is one of the Korean high end skincare and cosmetics brands.. This brand also known for their luxurious packaging.


Like I mentioned above, the main ingredients is Ginseng. That is why this sleeping mask is great for anti aging properties. It also has a few others korean herbs that is good for the skins. If you are not a fan of herbs cream/skincares, then you might not like this one because it has quite strong herbal scents. Also, avoid using this if you are sensitives to any herbs. Herbs might be good for some people, but not all.


It looks like a creamy and rich cream, but this cream is actually very lightweight. It absorbs fast into my skin and leaves my skin with semi matte finish. Personally, I thinks people with oily skins/combination skins will like this mask. I have combination skins, and I never wake up with oily face when I apply this the night before. To be honest, it doesn’t feels oily or greasy at all. It blends well and absorbs fast into the skin.



Overall Ratings : 4/5

I used this for about 3-4 weeks now and I can already tell the differences in my skin tone. It does brighten my whole complexions. It doesn’t fade my dark spots/hyperpigmentations but it helps with brighten up the overall skin complexions. Im sure this mask will fade my dark spots if I use it for a longer time.

For the moisturising properties, it hydrates and nourish my skins without feeling greasy at all. Most cream/mask will leaves some oily film on my skins, but not with this mask. It has nourishing properties that is perfect for dry skins, but people with oily skins/combinations skins will also love this mask because of its lightweight and non greasy textures.

Repurchase : Yes. I’ll keep repurchasing this as Im 24 now, so I have to focus on anti aging skincares more than anything. LOL

p/s always make sure to do a patch test before applying any skincares,remember YMMV.

You can get it from the seller in Qoo10.my ❤



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