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[Reviews] Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream

Assalamualaikum, ❤

My life has been so busy since I started working. *sigh

But. as usual, Im back with another korean skincare reviews. Yeayy! Its from my favourite korean brands, which is Cosrx. I bought it in last December if Im not mistaken. And the reasons I bought it because, I want to heal my scars. Centella Asiatica is known as an excellent ingredients to treats all kinds of skin disorders, including hypopigmentations, acne scars, acne, eczema etc. Most korean skincares brands use Centella Asiatica in their formulations. Centella Asiatica is also known as Tiger Herbs in some countries.

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This retail for RM69 in Malaysia. A lil bit pricey though because you only get 30ml of products. But, a little goes a long way. You don’t need much products because this is not a moisturiser, this is more like an oinment. So, you just need a small amount and apply only on affected areas.


What I like about korean skincares are their ingredients and formula. Most of the brands don’t use distilled water to dilute their formula, but they use water from aloe vera, and other plants that is good for our skins. As you can see, centella asiatica leaf water comes first on the list of the ingredients, not just plain distilled water.

When I got some bad scars on my face a few months ago, I did a lot of research to find a great ingredients to treat my hypopigmentations (white scars). And I found out that Zinc Oxide is really effectives to treat hypopigmentations and any kinds of scars. It regulates the circulations of blood under the skin and helps regenerate a new skin cells. When combine together with Centella Asiatica, this formulations will works wonder.


This oinment comes with a spatula. But to be honest, I never use it. I just use my clean finger to scoop out the products.


The textures is quite thick compare to the other cream. Maybe because this is an oinment, and not a regular face moisturises. It feels quite greasy and oily. That is why, a small amount is enough to cover your blemishes. Or else, you will feel uncomfortable.



As you can see, my skin has become quite glowing due to its moisturing properties. This cream is also great to treat rashes, eczema due to dry sensitives skins. It provides enough moisture for your skins.

I use it in my night time routine only, because I don’t want to looks like a grease ball during the day. And this cream also leaves some white cast, so it will be great to use it in night time only.

I use only a pea size amounts and dab it on my affected areas-including scars, acne and the parts where I have uneven skin tone. It takes a few minutes to work on it and to make it absorbs into my skin.

Overall Performances :

This is a great oinment to treats your skin concerns but, this products works in a very slow rates though. You can’t see a quick results with it. For me, it takes more than two weeks to see a slight changes on my blemishes. If you want a faster results, then maybe you need to combine it with a vitamin serum/other lightening products. But, what I can feel after just one usage is my skin textures has become so smooth. Its so smooth like I just exfoliates my skins. And Im really happy with it. I really recommend this cream if you have rough skin textures, dry patches as well, because it will makes your skin smooth overnight.

In terms of reducing my acne and scars, it takes quite a long time to heals it. But, it didn’t breaks me out or do any harm to my skins. Im barely statisfied with its performances. Like I said, if you want a faster result to heals your acne/scars, try to combine it with any vitamin serum.

Repurchase : No, because I wants to try another cream that is less oily and more lightweight than this one.

Ratings : 3.5/5

See you in my next posts!


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