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[Reviews] Heimish All Clean Balm


Finally, I managed to sit down and write on my blog. I have been started working since end of February, so I haven’t had much time to do a review or just blogging.

But, here I am. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the top korean make up removers which is cleansing balm. I know lots of beauty junkies love their Clean It Zero from Banila Co, but for some reasons, I just prefers to buy Heimish cleansing balm instead of the Banila Co. LOL


THE PACKAGING: Can you see how beautiful the packaging is? Personally, I love their brand because of the packaging. Heimish always have minimal packaging that looks really luxurious. It comes in white opaque jar and also has a spatula.

Well, honestly, I didn’t use the spatula. I just use my fingers instead  to scoop out the products. I know, I know, its not really hygienic but who cares? LOL



TEXTURES AND SCENTS: Its a balm types of make up removers. White solid balm and odourless. No synthetic fragnances or perfume. A bonus for sensitives nose/skins.

APPLICATIONS: I use it to remove my bb cream or foundations and it works really well to remove my waterproof mascaras and liptints. I used about a pea size and melts it with tap water. It will turns into milky consistency. I just rub it onto my damp face. It doesn’t make my skin greasy or tight (I like it!). This cleansing balm would be so great for dry and sensitives skins. It removes 99.9% of my make up base but I still prefers to do the double cleansing method though.


I had this cleansing balm probably in December and now, its almost finish.  I used it once a day and sometimes two times per day and it lasts me for about 4 months. It does last for quite long time though.


Price 3/5

Packaging 4/5

Applications & Performances 5/5

REPURCHASE? No. Because I want to try another make up remover from another korean brands. Hehe


UPDATED: My skin now has become combination/oily skins and I hate using this cleansing balm to remove my foundations. It leaves some oily film on my skins, and I feel so uncomfortable though. It didn’t breaks me out, but I just feel uncomfortable. I always feel the urge to double cleanse my face with cleansing foam afterwards. To be precise, cleansing balm types of make up removers will be great for normal/dry skin types but not great for combination/oily skin types.

For people who have the same skin types as mine, maybe you should try The Face Shop Rice Cleansing Water/Son & Park Beauty Water because I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about those items.

See you in my next posts. Anyeong!


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