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[Reviews] andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Today, I’ll be reviewing my first cushion sunscreens from andLab. I am so excited when 0.8l Malaysia announced me as one of their winners for giveaway contests. Actually, I have heard a lot about 0.8l from my favourite youtubers, Morgan.

I have been using this cushion for almost 14 days now, every day. And I am now ready to share with you my honest reviews about this products. To be honest, I am not familiar with this brand, andLab. But, since 0.8l has featured this products for their contests, so I’ve been trying to find reviews about it since then. And you know what, my another favourite youtubers, Edward from the Beauty Beasts has featured this andLAB sun cushion in one of his videos! This particular products also has become his favourites. ❤



Packaging: I love how it has simple packaging. Its so minimalist with just 3 main colors-white, green and grey. It somehow reminds me of Cosrx, because Cosrx also has minimal packaging though.





Textures/Colors: Since it is a sunscreens, so it doesn’t have any colors to it. Its just typical white cream. At first, I was quite hesitate to apply this on my face because it looks too white and I am around NC 30-35 with yellowish undertone. The most interesting part is, it has minty feeling or cooling sensations. Not gonna lie, but I feel like they put some ice cubes in this sunscreen. LOL

I love it! I love the cooling sensations of this sunscreen. It makes my skin feels fresh and awake. I noticed that it also helps with my pores. My pores seems a lil bit smaller.


Scents: It has pleasants smell and I like it! Its not too overwhelming, just a nice floral scents.


Application: Upon applications,  the white casts were not too obvious though (without flashlight). It just looks like my skin tone with some shimmering effects. This sunscreens seriously gives intense glowing effects. If you prefers matte finish, then I don’t think that you will like this sunscreens. But honetly, for me, I like it. Because most of the times, I prefers dewy looking skins.


After a few minutes, it blends well on my skin and the white casts were not so noticeable though. Looks like my skin glow from within.


As you can see, with flashlights, the white casts is more noticeable. In conclusions, this sunscreens still leaves my skin with some white casts but not as noticeable as the other brands. This sunscreen fit my medium skin tone perfectly.

Wearing test: In hot and humid weather, this sunscreen doesn’t makes my skin feels oily or greasy throughout the day. I like the formula of this sunscreens.

Overall Ratings : 4/5

I will keep purchasing it after I finish this because I have fall in love with its minty effects. Its so refreshing!

How to win korean trending products from 0.8l Malaysia?

You need to check their facebook page and follow the guidelines to join their contests. Good luck! And thank you so much 0.8l Malaysia for this giveaway! ❤


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