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[Reviews] andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion

Assalamualaikum, ❤ Today, I’ll be reviewing my first cushion sunscreens from andLab. I am so excited when 0.8l Malaysia announced me as one of their winners for giveaway contests. Actually, I have heard a lot about 0.8l from my favourite youtubers, Morgan. I have been using this cushion for almost 14 days now, every day. And… Continue reading [Reviews] andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion

Skincare 101

Skincare 101: What Is The First Treatment?

Assalamualaikum, ❤ Have you ever heard about the first treatment essence/serum? Or have you ever heard about skin booster, first care activating serum? Well, all those terms are basically refers to the first step of skincare which will enhance the effectiveness of next products/treatments. In my previous posts, ada bagitau yang essence ni macam the… Continue reading Skincare 101: What Is The First Treatment?