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[Reviews] Benton Aloe BHA Toner

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Finally, here is the review about my HG toner that worked great on my dry and sensitives skin. Well, this toner actually had received much love from people with acne prone skins. Another popular skincare line from Benton is Snail Bee High Content Essences.





First, lets talks about the packaging. It comes in dark green plastic bottle-emerald color. It comes with a pump because this toner has thicker consistency than water-same as the Klairs toner. So, with a pump, its much more convenient and easy to get the products out.





Main Ingredients?

Aloe barnadensis leaf water (58%) – great as hydrating and soothing agent
Hyaluronic Acid – locks in more moisture on our skins
Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract – great as moisturizing water
Snail secretion filtrate – repairs damaged skins as well as hydrates skins
BHA Salicylic Acid (0.5%) – clean pores and prevent acne/bumps from forming on your skins

What it claims?
❤ 8 free system – Parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, benzophenon, chemical preservatives, steroid, artificial fragrance,  artificial colouring
❤ Suitable for all skin types
❤ Water free! Uses Aloe leaf juice instead of purified water
❤ Repairs damaged skin and prevents further damage
❤ Reduces itchiness
❤ Soothes dry and sensitive skin
❤ Removes residue wastes after cleansing
❤ Moisturising from the hyaluaronic acid and plant-based glycerin
❤ Trouble care and blackhead care
❤ Exfoliation


As you can see, this toner is a lot more thicker than typical watery toners. It gives lots of moisture to my skin. It feels so soothing and calming. Finally, my skins can tolerate with aloe vera. This toner is actually made of aloe vera juice instead of distilled water. I would like to give a big applause to Benton for this great formulations.


Eventhough this toner is more thicker than water, but it has fast absorption rate. It leaves my skin with matte finish-not sticky or greasy at all. I can say this toner gives deep hydration for my skin. Sometimes, I like to layer it on my skin 7 times. And its called 7 Skin Method. After the 7th layer, my skins looks really hydrates, moist and bouncy! This is why I love korean skincare ❤

To make it simple;

Moisture Level: 5/5

Soothing Properties: 5/5

This toner really helps in preventing reccuring pimples. During the time of the months, I only had 1-2 pimples and it dissapeared after 1-2 days. It has the same effect as astringent toners but this one is more hydrating and didn’t dry out my skins. That is why acne prone skins love it so much.

Irritations: No. I have super sensitives skin as you know, but this toner didn’t irritates my skin.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Repurchase?: Of course. As long as it is available, I will keep using it as my main facial toner.

Recommendation: Highly recommend  Benton Aloe BHA toner for people with sensitives acne prone skins.


2 thoughts on “[Reviews] Benton Aloe BHA Toner

    1. this is great for normal, dry and combination skins. its so soothing and moisturising. but, for people with oily skins, this toner will be too rich for them. if your skin is not oily, then you should try this. I highly recommend it. hehe


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