Korean Skincare Reviews

[Reviews]: Iope Essence, Serum & Ampoule

Hello, ❤

Today, I’ll be doing first impressions reviews on 3 skincares products from the korean brand, Iope. Iope is one of the well known brand, especially for their cushion foundations. Iope was the first brand that come out with cushion/compact foundation ❤

The company started to launch their skincares line, and their top skincares product is Iope Bio Conditioning Essence [another dupe for SKII]. Since Q0010.my was having a big deals, so I bought 3 products to try out. They were Iope Essential Boosting Serum, Iope Moisturising Glow Serum and Iope Multi Vitamin Ampoule ❤



I would say that Iope has the most beautiful packaging ever. Can you see how beautiful the colors are? For the essential skin boosting serum, it comes with glass bottle. So, its not really travel friendly, but it has such a beautiful packaging. Look at those shimmering! Its pretty

Iope Essential Skin Boosting Serum 40ml

This is a first serum-which is the first step after you cleanse your face. It helps to give moisture and helps improving the absorbtions rate of your next skincares.



I’ve been using this serum for a few days now. And it has very lightweight textures. It absorbs really fast into my skin and doesn’t leaves any sticky/greasy residues at all. It leaves a matte finish. For the hydating part, I do agree about that because I can feel that it gives deep hydration for my skin. But, not as impressive as the Missha First Treatment Essence.



Its quite thick but very runny and lightweight. It has pleasent smell and I like it. Well, it does give some brightening effects right after I apply it, but it doesn’t lighten my dark spots or scars. Its just a first serum to enhance the effectiveness of your next skincares.


To be honest, I really like how fast this serum absorbs into my skin, but as you know, this serum contains witch hazel and witch hazel was never meant for dry skin types. After a few usage, I noticed that my skin becomes very dry and tight. It never cause any breakout, but it gives uncomfortable feelings though.

So, I decided to give it away to my sister since she had very oily skins. And also severe acne. Witch hazel is well known for its acne treatment properties for oily skin types. I hope this serum works well on my sister’s skin. I’ll update later insya Allah.

Overall Ratings: 2/5

Recommendation: Not recommended for dry skins.

Iope Multi Vitamin Ampoule



As you can see on the box, this ampoule contains Vitamin B3, B5 and also Vitamin C. It contains multi vitamin to repairs your skin, especially in terms of lighten your dark spots/sunburns/hyperpigmentations.



The textures is quite thick but it absorbs really fast. It has citrusy smell to it and also comes in slightly brown colors. Im not a fan of citrusy smell but yes, its quite refreshing. It doesn’t leaves sticky residue, but it does leaves a glowing finish. It gives healthy glow complexions.

Iope Moisturising Glow Serum



A hydrating facial serum that moisturizes intensively and helps revitalize dry skin. (40ml)

*Product Details:
• Formulated with Xylitol & Beta-Glucan to instantly hydrate & soothe skin
• Contains Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture and boost radiance
• Improves the appearance of dark spots & promotes even skintone (Whitening functional product)

*How to use:
Apply to cleansed & toned face, gently massage until the capsules are melted. Follow with moisturizer.


Well, I don’t open this yet because Im still using other moisturizing serum which is Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. So, Im waiting to finish up the green tea seed serum before I open this serum. As you know, once you open the products, you need to finish it within 12 months. So, maybe you need to wait a lil bit longer to read my reviews on this serum. Hehe


So far, these products [essential skin boosting serum & multi vitamin ampoule] works well on my skin. It doesn’t irritates my super sensitives skin though. And also, it doesn’t cause any break out. I’ll update a full reviews later. So, stay tuned.

I can’t wait to share this reviews since Q0010.my is still having massives sales and also giving lots of coupon carts. Check them out if you want to get all these items ❤


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