Live Love Laugh: Always Be The Best Of Yourself

Assalamualaikum, ❤


You are just a human, like them. Its okay to have some flaws, because nobody is perfect. You can cry if you wants, you can say no to people, you can be anything that you wants. You don’t always need to stay strong. Because, you can’t always stay strong. Trust me, there will be a time when you just want to give up, and cry, and be alone. Its okay, its okay. No one gonna laugh at you for being weak.

Sometimes, you feel so confuse. After all that you have been through, its hard to trust anyone. Its even hard to trust yourself. Right? Your mind says no, while your heart says yes. Its just such a chaos. Such a mess. But you need to always stay strong, because you don’t want people to see you as a weak person. You are killing yourself, darling. You put too much pressure on your mind and your heart, JUST FOR OTHERS. You tried so hard to be perfect, you tried so hard not to make any mistakes. And when you failed, you hate yourself even more.

Women becomes strong only when they accepted themselves. They accept their flaws, they accept their mistakes, and accept the fact that nobody is perfect. We are just human. Strong women makes the best of themselves, not by trying to change it to be another person, or to be such a perfect person.

You can still be yourself but, better.

Rules 1: Always reach for help if you need it

Rules 2: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Rules 3: Enhances your strength



Always love yourself.


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