Live Love Laugh: How To Starts All Over Again

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Im sure that lots of you had encounters so much pain in your life-betrayal, lies, dissapointment. All those things broke your heart, to the million pieces. And sometimes, you don’t know how to get up or where to start all over again. You stuck there. All alone. You know what is the problem of being strong women? Sometimes, just sometimes, no one offers you a hand.

But thats okay. Thats okay.


Rules No 1 : If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken

Its okay to cry out loud, its okay to feels sad, and its okay to be alone for a while. But remember, strong women do not stay broken. She gets up, shed her tears and starts all over again. Close the old chapters, and create the new one. Tell them, you are unbroken.

Rules No 2 : Always love yourself

I know you hate yourself. Sometimes, you feel that you want to die instead. I know it hurts so much, and your chest felt so much pain. Instead of blaming others, you blame yourself. You blames yourself for trusting too much, for loving the wrong person, for being too soft.

Now, look into the mirror, and you’ll see the strongest women of all, its you. You know what make the strong women? Its her hearts. Your hearts will determine your wills. Your hearts will determine your acts. Its okay to have such a soft hearts, because in the world fulls of cruelty, you are one of kind. Someday, people will look at you and starts wondering, how could she still be so kind while others are being so cruel? She is so strong indeed.

And everyone will adore you.

To have a happy chapters in your life, you need to always love yourself. Because happiness comes from within, it comes from yourself. You are the one who will determine your own happiness. You are so lucky to have such soft hearts. But right now, you need to make it stronger than before. Get up, dress up, go out and starts again.


Rules No 3 : Define yourself in a good and positive ways

Find anything that can define who you are. Whats define you? Whats your best quality? Whats your strength? Focus on the positives things instead of negatives one. Your God has created you perfectly-your physical, your hearts, your personality. So, make the best of it.

Let all the good things define yourself. And begin again. You are worth it in every aspects, so don’t let anyone makes you feel worthless. Don’t ever let anyone stops you from moving on.


You don’t need a full lists of rules to starts all over again. Begin with the 3 simple steps, and you can already makes a big starts. Its simple and realistics. You have been through a lot, so don’t push yourself too hard with so many rules and steps.

I’ll always pray and wish the best for you.

Good luck!


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