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[Reviews] Missha Night Time Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Today, I’ll be reviewing another top korean skincares, which is from the brand Missha. Night Time Repair Borabit Ampoule has been featured in most beauty programmes and it said to be a dupe for Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum. So, can you see how great this serum is? Obviously, the price is much more affordable and cheaper than the Estee Lauder.


First of all, the MYR price for Missha Night Repair ampoule is around RM88 to RM130 depends on the seller. I’ll link the website down below if you want to buy it.


What is Lactic Acid?


It said to have a few functions including brighten and repair your skins. It also has anti wrinkle effects. So, this ampoule will be great for people with the age of 25 years old and above.

Kelebihan dan Fungsi Serum;

  1. Memperbaiki tekstur kulit
  2. Mencerahkan tona kulit yang kusam dan tak bermaya
  3. Mengembalikan tona kulit yang sekata
  4. Menghilangkan jeragat dan parut-parut
  5. Menganjalkan kulit
  6. Menghilangkan garis halus dan kedutan
  7. Menjadikan kulit seanjal dan selembut bayi

I bought the trial set which also includes its first treatments essence. And I’ve been using this ampoule for about 5 weeks now. I thinks I got the results that Im statisfied with.


For all skin types including sensitives and acne prone skin types

Textures/Consistency: It has thicker consistency than water. Its just a typical serum consistency. Thick, but absorbs fast into the skin. The liquid is in brown color. Eventhough it is quite thick, but it glides smoothly on my skin. It also doesn’t leaves any greasy residue.


Scents: It has no scents to it. I don’t think that perfume has been added to it. It doesn’t have weird scents, but I thinks its all natural scents. If you have allergic to certain types of perfume, then this ampoule  will be great for you because it doesn’t have overwhelming scents. Great for sensitives skin.

So, lets talk about the performances. How my sensitives skin react to it? And how this ampoule makes my skin better and healthier?

I use it every night for about 1-2 drops. Sometimes, I feels than 1 drops is enough for me.

Day 1: My skin become soft and smooth

Day 7: My skin has become fully hydrates, moist and plump. My skin become a lil brighter than before. No more dull skins.

Day 14: My hyperpigmentations starts fading. I can see my skin is glowing, it has healthy complexions. But for my old acne scars, it didn’t seems to be effective, or it will takes longer time to fade it.

Day 28: My skin feels that it has enough moisture and oil balance. I don’t think that I have dry/combination skins anymore. During the day time, I didn’t notice any oil on my face [Usually, I tend to get oily on my T zone area]. When I touch or rub my T zone, no oil detected. Thank God! Its all balanced. This ampoule did a good job on my white scars, because it is now 80% heals. It really does what it claims – sekatakan warna kulit. And when I touched my face, its bouncy! ❤

dalam masa sebulan, ampoule tu masih ada separuh

This ampoule is great for sensitives skin though. I have very sensitives skin, but this ampoule didn’t irritates my skin at all. No breakout.

Overall Results: My hyperpigmentations/brown spots were fade. It works great to balance out my skin tone, and gives it a healthy radiance complexion. But, for my stubborn and old acne scars, this ampoule didn’t really make it fade within 28 days. I thinks it will takes around 2 months to see the whole results. But after all, Im already statisfied with this ampoule. Because, first, I know that all the ingredients and formulations is safe and natural. It didn’t make my skin worse, or break out eventhough I have sensitives skin. I can see the improvements day by day and I know it works for me.

Overall Ratings : 4/5

Recommendation: Highly highly recommend this ampoule to every skin types. Mesti cuba ampoule dari brand korea ni. Sebab memang boleh baiki semula kulit yang rosak, dan kulit jadi lebih sihat. Made with natural ingredients. But, if you have lots of acne scars, I suggests you to use ampoule/serum that contains Vitamin C for faster results.

Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop

Its Skin VC Effectors

C21.5 Pure Vitamin C

Iope Multi Vitamin Ampoule

Where to Shop?

Missha Ampoule

Missha Ampoule (2)

Missha Ampoule (3)






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