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Skincares 101: Exfoliators vs Scrub

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Today’s post is all about weekly facial treatments. You don’t have to spend much money to go to the spa if you can have affordable products that works as great as it is.

Steps For Weekly Facial Treatment

  1. Exfoliate

  2. Intensives treatments with serum/ampoule

  3. Soothes the skin with soothing sheet masks 

Exfoliate/Scrub: The most important step to do every week is to exfoliate or scrub your face. This is the crucial step to make sure that all your skincare products will be more effectives on your skin. Every day, your skin will regenerate and leaves dead skin cells on your skins. You’ll completely have new skin every 28 days. Besides that, dusts or sebum will stay on top of your skin and might clogged your pores.

So, the functions of exfoliators or scrub is to get rid of all the gunk which is dead skin cells, dusts and excess sebum from your skin surfaces. It will also helps to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads, and also cleans your pores.

HOWEVER, there are two types of exfoliators which is chemical exfoliators and facial scrubs. I’ve tried both of them and I could say that both of them has differents functions and performances. Before I starts with this steps, I have dry skin and lots of bumps around my jawline and cheeks. Of course, I have some whiteheads on my nose and chin. I would recommend exfoliators to the people with acne prone skin and normal scrub to the people with normal skin which only have issues with whiteheads or blackheads. WHY?



shop HERE


shop HERE

I got these samples when I bought the full size products of their essences and cleansers. Right now, I’ve been using the AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. I’ve already used the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid two weeks ago, and I still have one more sample of it.


If you want to know what is AHA and BHA, you can refer to my previous posts HERE and HERE. I’ve wrote about the differences between these two exfoliators as well as its functions. So, make sure to read that posts.


This AHA and BHA exfoliators has watery consistency just like toners. You need to use a cotton pad to gently rub your skins. Just gently rub it according to your skin textures. After that, you can continue with other products. No need to wash off though. It doesn’t leaves any greasy residue. Its absorbs really fast.

When I wash my face at night, my skin feels so soft and smooth like a baby! Im so impressed on this exfoliators because it really does it job to exfoliate my skin without much efforts. WHAT I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT EXFOLIATORS IS, MOST MY BUMPS/PIMPLES/ACNE OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, THEY WERE FLATTEN AND DISSAPEARED IN JUST A DAY. I have seen great reductions on my pimple and stubborn bumps.

So, I love the facts that AHA and BHA really cleans up my pores. My pores have been smaller, and invisible. My skin is getting clear each day as AHA and BHA makes my other skincares more effectives. Thats why I would recommend AHA or BHA to the people with acne prone skin because its not only get rid of your dead skin cells, but its also goes deep down your pores to clean it. 




Skinfood’s facial scrubs line are the most popular scrub in South Korea as well as worldwide. I got the original Black Sugar scrub, and they have another flavours as well which is Honey Black Sugar, Strawberry Black Sugar and Rice. Black sugar has been the most popular ingredients in South Korea to brighten skin. Almost all the brands  use black sugar in their skincares line.

For me, I would say this is just a regular scrubs. It helps to make my skin smooth and soft and also removes my whiteheads, but not as effectives as the AHA and BHA. Maybe because I don’t see improvement in my acne/bumps. Facial scrubs just take cares of the upper layer of our skins and get rid of all the dead skin cells. I would not recommend scrub to people with acne prone skin because the textures is quite rough and harsh for your sensitives skins. Its not effectives in cleaning your pores though.


you need to wash it off after 5-10 minutes

I hope this will clarify and helps you to choose the right products and ingredients to use as your weekly facial treatments. Don’t forget to share it to your friends. See you in my next posts.




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