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Skincare 101: Treating Your Acne With Feminine Wash?!

Assalamualaikum, ❤

Have you ever tried to wash your face with feminine wash? Well, before this things goes viral on the media social, thankfully, korean cleanser and toners were already clear up my acne. The one thing that has been clearing up my acne was LOW PH LEVEL. Thats for sure. I never know about the important of pH level until I found a skincare brands from South Korea that always emphasizes about pH level. In their official website, they always stated pH level for each of their products.

Cosrx Official Website

Im getting interested in all those pH level things, and starts to do my own research. I managed to find a few clinical or experimental research about pH level of acid mantle/skin. Those researchers are mostly dermatologysts and their research were all about treating skin problems such as ezcema, irritation, acne etc by adjusting pH level of facial cleanser and toners.

pH level of our acid mantle is 4.71. Thus, to make sure that our skin is free from irritations, we have to maintain its pH level to be around 4.8 to 5.5. All kinds of skin problems were actually happens because of the distruptions of pH level of our skins. Enviromental factors, hormonal factors and weather has changed our skin’s pH level to be alkaline (which is high) (7-9). Another factors that affects our pH level are alcohol and astringents products.



As you know, feminine wash has ph level around 3.5 to 3.8 which is a low pH level. After all the explanations above, you can see why feminine wash can be used to clear up acne and all those blemishes.

If you have sensitives and acne prone skin, low pH level of facial cleansers or toners actually helps to soothes and calm your skin from any irritations. Slightly acidic condition makes your skin feels moist, hydrated and healthy. This is because the pH level of our skin’s acid mantle is actually slightly acidic! To have a clear skin, you need to brings back its pH level to the original state.

Conclusions : But, I’ll not recommend you to use the feminine wash unless you are sure about the ingredients. Again, you need to be sure about the ingredients though. Because after all, we always wants to have a good ingredients that gives more nutrition and vitamins to our face. If you can find a low pH level of facial cleanser or toners, I’ll recommend you to use that, as for sure it contains more beneficial ingredients for our face.



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