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[Reviews] Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Merry Christmas! Wish you have blessed and wonderful christmas. Fo those who celebrate christmas, Im sure you got lots of presents, right? After all, this is the time where you spend your time with beloved ones.

Here I am, back with korean skincare reviews. Today, I’ll be reviewing my new favourite cleanser, which is from Cosrx [Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser].

Talking about low ph, what does it actually means? Well, if you are new to the terms like I am, low ph means slightly acidic, it is around 4.8-5.5. Slightly acidic? ACID? Wait. I’ll explain. But first, I’ll share with you, about how I ‘create‘ my sensitives skin.

A few years ago, around two years ago, my skin started to break out like hell. Its so damn hurts. I had severe adult acne, which is big in size and very painful. I swear that I cried almost everyday. I never broke out before, my skin was in good condition until I turns to 20 y/0. So, my acne/pimples were considered as adult acne [which  is another type of stubborn bumps]. That is when I started using all western skincare brands and all of them makes my skin worse. My skin become so dry because western skincare use lots of astringent ingredients especially in their toner. I give up on western skincare routine. But I still want to have a good cleanser that at least can control my breakout. At least.

So, my pharmacists suggested me to use Cetaphil cleanser. Does it work? Well, honestly, this cleanser helps me to control my breakout but in very slow rate. When I wash my face, my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry, but after a few minutes, it become so dry. Yes, that effects dries out my pimples, but my pores are getting bigger. It does help control my pimples but its like ‘create’ another concerns for my skin. Since that, eventhough I use Cetaphil cleanser everyday, but I can say my skin is still in dry and sensitives skin types. My skin become easily irritated, to almost everthing. I found out that Cetaphil cleanser has ph around 7-9, it is a pretty high ph level.


Is it really important? Yes, at least for me. I’ve been using high ph of cleanser and experienced weird skin types ever. And my pimples actually not really heals, its always there, at the same place. I’ve experienced reoccuring pimples on the same spot. So, I can say high ph of cleanser is not really effectives. In fact, it destroy your skin’s acid mantle in long term of usage. And thats not cool.

Low ph level is around 4.8-5.5. Before I bought this low ph cleanser, of course I read lots of clinical research. I have to make sure that I choose the right cleanser because no, I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Most of research shows that the best facial cleanser to maintain healthy and flawless skin, should be has ph level around 4.8-5.5. That level of ph will takes care your acid mantle and prevent bacteria from producing acne, pimples or any blemishes. Its also make sure that your skin is moist, hydrates and balances. Healthy acid mantle of your skin will make your skin glow naturally and looks moist.

Now, lets jump to the review.



PACKAGING : Very minimal packaging. Cosrx’s products always comes with minimal design. Nothing too fancy. But for me, I like this kind of packaging-less is more. It comes in white tube with the amount of 150ml.


The opening of the lid is not too big, or too small. Its just nice opening lid. But, since the consistency is gel like, you have to be careful when you want to spill it out. The gel is too runny.


TEXTURES/CONSISTENCY: Its in gel like form,transparent gel. But for me, I thinks this cleanser is more like jelly. Because its too runny though. Not a kind of typical gel. I loooooveeeeee this type of cleanser, its so soft and glide softly on my skin. This gel is better that milky type of cleanser [like Cetaphil or Physiogel].  Eventhough it glides so smoothly on my skin, but I can still feel that it really cleans well. It really does it job as facial cleanser-in gentle ways.


I’ve tested out using my waterproof eyeliner, matte liquid and liptint. Its actually creates a soft lather, but I don’t put much water, so you can’t see the lather though. Sorry about that. After all, you can see how good this cleanser is, right? It removes my makeup so well. Only tiny stain of liptint left on my hands. FYI, that is the most stubborn liptint ever-Tony Moly Get It Tint ;p


SCENTS : Not gonna lie though, but this cleanser has herbs scents to it. It has pretty strong tea tree smells-almost like medicine. Im not a fan of tea tree, but well, thats okay. Acceptable.

Overall Perfomances:

  1. Gentle on my skin
  2. Doesn’t irritates my skin at all
  3. My skin feels so moist and smooth
  4. Really helps in calming down my pimples
  5. Helps in healing my sensitives skin
  6. Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells/sebum

Overall Ratings: 4.9/5

Repurchase: Yes yes! Eventhough I want to try another cleanser, but this cleanser will always be my main cleanser.

Recommendation : Highly recommend this cleanser to people with sensitives skin-acne prone skin.

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