Live Love Laugh: Soulmate?


LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH is a column in my blog where I’ll share with you some of interesting stories about live, about love and funny things. I’ve heard lots of inspiring stories from lots of people, especially from the people that is close to me. I love to hear all those stories and learn something from it. You know, Im still learn about how to live my life to the fullest and be happy, always. Hopefully, all these stories will inspire you as well ❤

SOULmate. When I first come across this word, I always wonder what is SOULMATE? Is it different from the word SPOUSES/PARTNER? What does SOULMATE actually stands for?

This is how I define SOULMATE ;

A soulmate is the one that you can’t live without eventhough he/she is not as great as other people thought. You choose him/her by your heart, not by judging his/her physical appearances. To be exact, its not you that choose him/her, its your heart. You’ll not always laugh when you are with him/her but you will always crawling back to him/her after every fights. You just can’t live without your soulmate even after lots of arguments because of your heart. Your heart miss him/her. Soulmate is not your bestfriends but more than that. Soulmate is your other half. Your soulmate is you. Like two person with one heart. Or two heart that beat as one.

It is hard to find soulmate. Everyone can find their partner and decide to get married. But, not everyone is lucky enough to meet their soulmate in life and marry their soulmate. If you do, please love him/her like you love yourself. Treat him/her like you want to be treated.

Soulmate is not about the one that you can live with, but soulmate is the one you can’t live without.


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