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[Reviews] Naruko All In One High Potency Moisturiser

When I first stated using Asian skincare, this products was the first product that I bought on Lazada. At first, I thought it was a korean skincare, but no, its from Taiwan. LOL

After doing some research, read a lot of reviews about it, I found out that Naruko is also one of the popular brand among Asian skincare lovers. Founder of Naruko creates his products with clinical research and use natural herbs ingredients. I thinks that is why lot of people swear by this products. Most of Naruko’s products are really effectives and have unique textures/consistency.




Packaging : It comes in plastic bottle. Easy to carry around when I go to travel. It doesn’t comes in pump bottles, but no worries, you can actually control the amount of the products [since it is not watery]. You just need to squeeze to get the products out. I find it quite easy to squeeze it because the bottle is not too thick.


Textures/Consistency : OMG, the consistency is not like typical moisturiser. It is in jelly consistency – runny like water but thicker than water. I don’t know how to explain it, but its very smooth when I rub it on my skin.


I really like how smooth it glides on my skin without leaving any stickiness or greasy feeling. It doesn’t have any cooling sensations but I feel that my skin become so moist and hydrates.



Overall Ratings : 4/5

p/s i love this moisturiser because its like all in one products. it acts as essences, serum and moisturiser as well. but, if i have irritations on my skin, it does sting a lil bit, for a few minutes. maybe because it has lot of active ingredients [it is supposed to be 3 types of skincare in only one bottle]. if you are a lazy kind of girl like me, this Naruko moisturiser is great for you. you don’t have to travel with bunch of skincare though. if you have sensitives skin, or skin that easily irritated, just apply a thin layer of this products [no need to put too much because this product already has lots of active ingredients though]. iffff you have normal, dry or oily skin and not sensitives, this would be a great product. you should give it a try since the price is so affordable, RM29 only.

Repurchase : Maybe. Because I want to try other brands especially Hada Labo and Cosrx. Hehe


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