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[Reviews] Tony Moly Get It Tint Liptint

Hello lovelies, ❤

This is the most exciting post because I kinda addicted to liptint. I prefer liptint instead of lipstick because liptint tends to leaves stain on your lips and have strong lasting power. Sooo, I don’t always need to touch up though.



As you can see, I bought another 2 shade from this line. I already has shade 02 Coral Ming [you can refer HERE]

Packaging : It reminds me of nail polish kind of packaging. It doesn’t comes in typical liptint packaging though, it also comes in hard glass bottle. Its quite heavy, maybe because the glass bottle, but well, looks kinda exclusives too. However, you should always be careful of the glass bottle, especially when you want to travel with it.

These 2 shades are the most popular among beauty junkie because the color is so beautiful and pigmented and long lasting.

04 Red Hot – Eventhough the shade is called Red Hot, but actually the colors is a mixture of red and orange. Its beautiful reddish orange color that will suits warm skin tone. When I apply it on lips, it looks more like orangey and leaves orangey stains. Personally, I find this is the most beautiful shades, not too red and not too orangey. If you want an orange liptint, I recommend you to pick this shade because if you pick the Play Orange shade, you’ll be dissapointed. I guarantee that. LOL

p/s Play Orange is actually turns out to be pink on lips, and leaves pink stains.


06 Dark Knight – It is a beautiful dusty rose shade. If you like brownish pink lips, then you should buy this shade. When I apply it on my lips, it reminds me of Candy K [Kylie Liquid Matte Lipsticks]. Honestly, Im so worried when I first open the packaging. As you can see, it looks like a black lip tint! Thank God, it turns to be a dusty rose color.



Overall Reviews : Get It Tint is one of the most popular liptint, but the only downside of this line is, the color is NOT the same as its packaging. It would be hard if you buy it online, because you can’t swatch it on your hands though. But overall, I love this liptint to the moon and back. Hehe

Rating : 4.9/5 *I don’t really like the glass bottle 😦

Repurchase : Yes! ❤



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