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[Reviews] Korean Skincare Haul Christmas Sale ft Hermo.my

Assalamualaikum lovelies,

Im so excited to share with you guys about my recent haul. I received these 2 boxes yesterday. OMG, Hermo had such a big deal and Christmas promo! They gave voucher everyday, also launch a spin&win contest to giveaway free credits.

I also received a few samples along with my purchases. Im so excited about Hermo’s exclusives pouch. Aww its so cute ❤

Not to forget, Cosrx also gives a free Christmas sticker which is super cool. I finally got to see Mr Rx. LOL


Nature Republic Soft 1/2 Cotton Pad 120pcs 

Its hard to find high quality of facial cotton pad in the market. All facial cotton pad that I bought were usually not suitable to apply toner and exfoliate skin. When in contact with liquid, the cotton pad absorbs all the products. Urgh.

Im so happy to see that finally Hermo bring in some good quality of facial cotton pad. There were Klairs Tone Mate Cotton Pad and Nature Republic. I heard lots of good review about these two facial cotton pad. For this time, I chose Nature Republic cotton pad.

Yass. Finally. I managed to buy COMPRESSED cotton pad that is great for toner application and exfoliations. It feels and look rough, but when it comes in contact with my toner, it become so soft and delicate.


Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream 30ml

I also read a lot of good reviews about this blemish cream. Wishtrend Beauty Lab also recommend it on their youtube channel. Besides that, my favourite korean youtubers [Joankim] also highly recommend this blemish cream to her viewers.

It has high concentrations of Centella extracts that also known as Tiger Herb. If you are familiar with Kiehls, Kiehls also has popular recovery blemish cream that was made from Centella extracts [but they called it as Tiger Herb]. Centella is a great healing ingredients and can be used to treat all kinds of skin disorder. I bought this blemish cream because you know, I have some stubborn scars. And, I can’t afford the Kiehls cream though. LOL

Indian people called this herb as Gotu Kola and this is an amazing herb that has been used widely to treat all kind of skin disorders. Centella is proven to treat minor burns, promotes wound healing, treats cellulites, and eczema.

Research On Benefits Of Centella Asiatica


Missha Trial Set 30ml and 10ml

Honestly, Im so happy to see this on Hermo’s website. Finally, I got to try Missha’s FTE and its night time repair ampoule. If you buy the full size products, each of them will costs about RM130. Whoaa, I need trial kit though, just in case my skin don’t like the products. So, I will not wasting much money.


Nature Republic Argan Homme Emulsion 150ml

Actually, this line is for men in their mid 20s. But whatever, I want to try it because it is a moisturiser and contains Argan Oil. We all know how good Argan Oil to our skin. It nourish, moisturise and gives a healthy complexion when we use it as daily moisturiser.


Tony Moly Get It Tint [Red Hot & Dark Knight]

This liptint is so pigmented and has super strong lasting power. It stays forever on the lips. But, the only downside is, some of the color is not actually the real color as stated. I’ve heard a lot about their Play Orange which turns out to be pink on lips. The swatches shows orange color, but on lips, it is actually pink. Whatt?

So, I bought Red Hot because in swatches [ I read from other bloggers], it is like a mixture of red and orange, but more towards orange. This shade also leaves ORANGE STAINS on lips! Confusing right? Thank God, I pick this shade because I really wants to try orange lip tint though. The second popular shades for this line is Dark Knight. OMG, its so pretty. It is a dusty rose pink [dried rose] that makes my complexions looks better. It is recommended to people with medium skin tone.

Okay, so thats it. No worries, I’ll do more in depth reviews about all the products that I bought. I’ll update later.

Stay tuned for that!

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