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[Reviews] Korean Skincare Haul

Hello, ❤

Last week,I bought another skincare, and it was Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 80 Cream, All Clean Balm from Heimish, and also eyebrow pencil from Etude House. Im gonna do a first impressions review on these items ❤


  1. Heimish All Clean Balm 120ml


As you can see, the packaging is very beautiful, its looks so vintage and unique. Personally, i love Heimish packaging rather that the Clean It Zero from Banila Co. Its in white plastic jar, which is travel friendly.

The bonus part is, it comes with a spatula. So you don’t need to scoop out the balm with your fingers though. Very hygienic. It comes with 120ml products, and in balm consistency. You have to scoop out the balm and dilute it with water. It will turns into milky consistency.

As for the ingredients, it consists of natural oil such as coconut oil, shea  butter, donkey milk and others natural ingredients. I read many good reviews about this cleansing balm, especially from people with sensitives skin. This balm is much more better than the Clean It Zero because it doesn’t sting when you put around your eyes area. In fact, I read reviews about how this cleansing balm reduces their pimples and acne. I thinks because it also has healing ingredients such as coconut oil [which is known as acne healing oil]. Plus, this cleansing balm is more cheaper than the Banila Co ❤


I tested out this cleansing balm using my hand. I apply all the waterproof make up products which is Anastasia Liquid Matte Lipstick, Tony Moly Get it tint [super hard to remove it!], Etude House Eyebrow pencil, Catrice Eyeliner, Loreal matte lisptick,Loreal true match foundation.

p/s all the products are waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof.

How I Tested It : I use tiny amount of balm, diluted it with water and gently massage my hand for only 20 seconds. Its turned into milky consistency, and I can see almost all my make up products melts and lift away. Its kinda impressive because

  1. I only use tiny amount
  2. I only massage it for about 20 seconds

This products gives me a nice first impressions. I guarantee that if I use more water, more products and more time to massage it, it will remove all the make up PERFECTLY! Only the tony moly liptint that was not fully clean because its stains like hell even if I apply it on my lips. Its stains forever! Buuuuuut, this cleansing balm remove 80% of the tint within a few seconds [not much efforts though].


2. Nature Republic 80 Fresh Green Tea 55ml



First of all, it has quite strong scents. The scents is similar to Garnier hydra gel. Maybe they use the same fragnance [maybe?]. But this cream is made of green tea extracts. It contains 80% of green tea extracts. Its quite high though.

The consistency is in gel form. As you can see the swatches above, it is a gel moisturiser to be exact, and not creamy. Its a bit sticky when I apply it, but the stickiness go away in a few minutes. It leaves with semi matte finish. What I like most is its cooling sensations. I feel very hydrated and fresh. People with oily skin will like this because it doesn’t feels greasy or oily at all. And, this will be great for troublesome skin, acne prone skin because it has high extract of green tea in it.

p/s this is my honest first impressions, I bought all the products with my own money. every skintypes has differents reactions to certain products, so if you want to ask more about the products, please leave your comments below.

Where to shop:

15% discounts on your first order! Hermo.my

Stay tuned for my next post!


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