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[Reviews] Nature Republic Green Tea 80 Cream

Hello, ❤

Im back again with reviews. This time I’ll be reviewing Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 80 Cream ❤

Well, there is not much review about this cream on blog. But, I read lots of good reviews on Hermo.my, basically all the customers that had bought this cream wrote that they like it. So, I ordered this cream together with other products [will be update soon] to try out. Since this post is about my first impressions review, I’ll keep updating about its performances again, in 7 days. Okay? [UPDATED:CONTINUE READING]

First, let see the packaging.





Its comes in simple packaging. It reminds me of Innisfree’s products. But what makes it more interesting are, there are also ‘braille for the blind‘ which helps blind people recognize this products. Super cool! ❤


This cream contains 55ml of products, and made up of 80% green tea extracts. The amount of extracts is quite high. So, hopefully, this cream will works well on my skin. Eventhough the bottle and amount is quite small, but I thinks its really worth it for the price though. I got from Hermo.my at RM34 only. Its cheaper compared to the Innissfree Green Tea lotion.

What it claimed :

  1. Regenerate skin cells
  2. Improve blood circulations
  3. Reduce puffiness, redness, and irritations
  4. Has healing properties
  5. Has soothing properties
  6. Suitable for people with dry, oily, damaged skin, troublesome skin


Actually, this is more like gel. Eventhough it says that ‘80 Cream‘ but it is in gel consistency. Im very sure that people with oily skin will like this type of moisturiser. For people with dry skin, this cream will not be moisturising enough [maybe?].

I scoop out a tiny amount of the gel and spread it all over my hand.

  1. Its quite sticky when I first applied it
  2. Its gives cooling sensations as I rub it onto my hand
  3. It feels very soothing
  4. Eventhough its quite sticky but it glides smoothly when I rub it
  5. It has quite strong scents
  6. The stickiness go away in 5 minutes
above : after 1 minutes , below : after 5 minutes

As you can see, my skin doesn’t look as glowing as before. Its already fully absorbed into my skin, leaving it with semi matte finish. But, I still can feel the hydration and also its cooling effects. Its kinda impressive because the stickiness go away after only few minutes. So, it doesn’t leaves with uncomfortable feeling.

p/s will update again in few days

stay tune for that!


I like how it moisturise my skin, and I like how it gives cooling sensations when I rub it onto my skin, BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT ;

  1. My face become oily after a few hours eventhough I apply it in night time only
  2. My face become oily eventhough I don’t go outside [during the day]
  3. My skin is dry, but its weird that it becomes too oily after only 1 hour
  4. In terms of scars healing, I don’t see any results eventhough it claimed to have 80% green tea extracts [I apply twice per day for 7 days though]
  5. The textures is quite sticky when I apply on my face, it quite hard to spread the product, so I just tap it to let it absorb. Urgh.
  6. Don’t use it as make up base because your foundations will be blotchy, uneven and weird. Please don’t.

Overall Rating : 3/5

Repurchase : A big NO.



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