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[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Hello lovelies, ❤

Im back again with another review from Innisfree. I bought their Green Tea Seed Serum to try it as it has become one of hype products in South Korea. So, shall we see its performance on my skin?

First of all, I have combo normal to dry and super sensitives. I have pimples around my right cheeks, and also hyperpigmentation because of sunburn [yes, I don’t wear any sunscreen when I go outside] ;p

The important part is, I have a few new white scars and burn marks around my jawline. I also tested out this serum to see how my burn marks will react to it. Does it cause irritations? Does it help to regenerate the scars? Lets see.


it contains 80ml of serum
size of bottle is less than 10cm

Packaging : I really love the packaging because its so minimalist. Except that all the explanations are in Korean, so I can’t read that. The only thing that I can understand are, you have to finish up this serum within 12 months and recycle the bottles. ;p

It comes in dark bottles. I thinks this is to prevents the serum from oxidizes. Serum usually comes in darker bottle and has to be kept in dark place. Or else, it will oxidizes and turns to yellow colors [because it made of herbs and natural ingredients].

However, the explanations at the front helps you understand what is the function of this serum. I will list down all the functions based on my expectations ;

  1. Gives moisture
  2. Control the oil and moisture balance on your skin
  3. Has healing properties
  4. Help to control the sebum and prevent pimples
  5. Has soothing properties
  6. Regenerate skin cells
  7. Has high antioxidants
it has cap for the pump ; very hygienic
list of the ingredients

Ingredients : The first ingredients listed is camellia extracts (green tea). Camellia has widely known as soothing and calming properties. The other fruit extracts used in this serum are grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and cocoa. Well, I spotted castor oil, alcohol and fragnance [these three ingredients could be trigger for acne and irritations though]. Also, if you are sensitives to citrus kind of fruits, you should avoid using this serum OR apply it with cautions. Apart from that, it has many soothing ingredients ❤

Scents : It has fresh scents to it. I notice that it has green tea scents, but sometimes it has citrus scents to it. Its like combination of both ingredients. And yes, it has quite strong scents maybe because fragnance has been added to it.


Textures/Consistency : It has watery textures but thicker in consistency. As you can see, the serum can move everywhere because its kinda runny [watery like]. But its not fully in translucents color. When you rub it, it feels very slimy [but not sticky at all!]. It gives cooling sensations as I rub it. Its almost like watery facial oil. It reminds me of  Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence.


Usage Instructions : It comes with a pump [ which is great ] because its really hygienic. You don’t need to scoop it out and also can prevent the serum from oxidizes. I use around 1-2 pumps for my whole face. If I use it as spot treatment, I use only 1 pump of serum.

  1. For facial serum : I apply serum to my face by gently rub it and pat it to absorbs. I have sensitives skin, so I use it with cautions at first because I don’t know how this serum will reacts though. So, I starts with gently rub and pat it. I used it twice per day.
  2. For spot treatments : When I have irritations, or pimples that hurts [usually bigger in sizes], I apply one layer to it. I pat the serum onto my skin. Patting motion can also help to minimize irritations. I apply it whenever the irritations occurs.


You can see that its quite thick, but it doesn’t sticky at all. After the serum fully absorbs into my skin, it gives cooling sensations and also makes my skin look healthy glow ❤

Moisture Level : [UPDATED] For my dry skin types, this serum give enough moisture. And my skin has become smooth and soft. Even after I apply it for a few hours, I could feel that the textures of my skin has become better and smoother than before. My face doesn’t get oily in my T zone area anymore. I thinks that this serum has done more than moisturising. Its also gives deep hydration, and makes it suitable for people with combination skins. This serum also has nourishing properties and makes my skin looks glowing, and has dewy finish. I don’t thinks that people with oily skin will like this serum though.

Healing/Soothing Properties : Yess, I really impressed with its soothing performances. I apply the serum to my 3 active pimples and acne around my cheecks, and the pain instantly go away. I don’t feel the pain anymore. I also apply it to my big pimples [also hurt like hell], the pimples become smaller and gone after a few hours! This green tea seed serum really does it job to purify the sebum and soothes the irritations. Good job Innisfree! For scars, I don’t see any significant differences. But, any scars can be so stubborn and takes longer time to heal. Unless you put higher concentrations of vitamin C [maybe it will fade faster, just maybe]. I don’t mind though, as long as it does a good job in calming the acne and prevent it from coming out again.

p/s I have sensitives skin and usually had bad reactions to alcohol. but for this serum, thank God, I do not have any bad/allergic reactions. Maybe the concentration of the alcohol content is not too much. [Maybe?]

Rating :

Packaging : 5/5

Textures : 4/5

Moisture Level : 5/5

Soothing Level : 5/5

Overall Perfomances : 5/5

Repurchase : Yes! ❤ Although I still wants to try another serum from another brands, but Im sure that this serum will always be in my skincare routine.

Recommended : Yes, to dry and combination skin types [unless you don’t mind with the alcohol content and does not have allergic reactions to citrus]. It really balances the oil and moisture, clean my clogged pores, soothes the irritations and also nourish your skins. People with combination skin do not have to worry about oily T Zone anymore. BUT, THIS SERUM MIGHT BE TOO RICH FOR PEOPLE WITH OILY SKIN TYPES BECAUSE IT DOES FEEL GREASY WHEN YOU RUB IT ON YOUR FACE, AND ITS ALSO HAS DEWY FINISH. 

Till then, bye!


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