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#4: [Reviews]Nature Republic Sheet Masks

Hello there,

Im back with a review [first impressions review] on sheet masks. Its from a brand called Nature Republic. Well, I thinks this brand is quite popular among Malaysian. Nature Republic was the first brands that I know from Korea. Well, maybe because this brands is the first brands that penetrates Malaysia’s markets? Maybe.

So, lets jump to the review. As usual, I got these sheet masks from

  1. Shea Butter Sheets Masks – Review from my sisters.

‘ this sheets masks is very hydrating, and it gives lots of moisture. the moisturising effects lasts for about 48 hours. i keep the excess essences in a small bottle [in the fridge] and apply it every day. another benefits is, makes my skin smooths and no more flacky dry skins ‘

my sister’s skin is dry to normal, not acne prone skins

2. Royal Honey Sheet Masks

the front design for royal honey sheet masks
lists of ingredients and other info

2. Green Tea Sheet Masks

front design of green tea sheet  masks
lists of ingredients and other info

Reviews : The design is super beautiful. Honestly, I prefer their designs more that the Innissfree sheet masks design. More beautiful, images are more vibrants, the background is not fully white or plain [got textures too]. Overall, I can give 10/10 for the designs and packaging.

Well, I hope you aware that Nature Republic’s sheet masks contains alcohol. If you are super allergic or sensitives to alcohol [or any other ingredients], please be cautious. The alcohol content is their 7th ingredients [it shows that the alcohol contents is not too high]. But, I suggests you to do patch test before apply the sheet masks to your face. You can apply little bit of the essences on the back of your arms, at the back of your neck, or on any part of your body that you know is sensitives. If there is no reactions [redness, itchiness, swollen etc], so its gonna be safe to apply to your face. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, the reactions should take only about a few minutes to show up.

Shea Butter – suitable for dry to normal skins without any acne/pimples

Sheet masks that contains shea butter is very suitable to gives moisture for people with normal skin types, but if you have acne prone skins, shea butter will clogged your pores. Its so rich in moistures and oil that may not suitable for you as it will trapped in your pores.

Royal Honey – suitable for dry to normal skins/combinations skins/acne prone skins/mature skins

The main functions of honey is to gives moisture and also has healing properties. So it will be more suitable for dry sensitives skins, also suitable for people with acne/pimple/blemishes. It helps to repair your damaged skins and gives moistures at the same time.

Green Tea – suitable for oily to normal skins/acne prone skins/mature skins/sensitives skins

Main functions of green tea is to purify, so it will be great for people with oily skins/excess sebums. Green tea will helps to purify and clean your pores. Its also suitable for people with acne/pimple prone skins. If you have drier skins with acne, you can use green tea but makes sure to put your moiturisers after using the sheet masks [for maximum benefits].

p/s i’ll update again with more in depth reviews on these sheet masks

If you have any questions, feel free to email me okay? See you in my next posts!

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