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[Review]Korean Skincare ft. Hermo

Assalamualaikum beauties,

So, today Im gonna update my part 2 of korean skincare haul which is Cosrx Centella Alcohol Free Toner and Skin&Lab Vita Energy Toner and Mist<3

Before I jump to the first impressions review for these two toners, I would like to tell you a lil bit of my skin conditions now. I have adult acne, and I started getting them 2 years ago when I used local skincare that contains harmful chemical (its so frustating). Since that, I used so many product (mostly western products) but there is no significant different. So, I only use Cetaphil cleanser to control my breakouts (well, it helps to calm my acne but it literally makes my pores bigger, does not help in improving my overall skin). I never used toners because all the toners that I used will either dries me out or irritate my skin due to alcohol content (typical western toners).

When I first order these toners, Im quite afraid that these will irritate my skins. But after reading a lot of reviews about the products and about the brands, I ordered these two toners from Hermo.my.

Thank God, finally I found toners that does wonder on my skin and doesn’t irritate my damage skin. Finallyyyyyyyy. Eventhough my skins is not fully heals and still have hyperpigmentation and acne scars, but I feels my skin has become smooths, plump, hydrate, firm and my pores are lot smaller now. Thank God. Alhamdulillah.


  1. Cosrx Centella Alcohol Free Toner – This toner has ph level around 6-9, yes its abit high ph level. Thats why its really suitable for adult stubbon pimples (it will makes pimples dries very fast). Eventhough this is toner, but its very hydrating and not sticky at all. I apply it using cotton pad, and when I need more moisture, I spray the toners and pat it to absorb. Since it is a spray bottle, so it will make it more convenient to apply in different ways<3 For people with dry sensitive acne prone skins, this toner will work great for you, but you must add serum/essences/moisturiser to balance your ph level to normal after this treatment toner and to add more moisture onto your skins. The tecture is very watery, it has no scents to it and doesnt feel sticky. It comes in simple design-plastic bottle which is great for travel. The spray nozzle works really well, and spread out the toner evenly and smoothly. I WOULD RECCOMEND THIS TONER FOR PEOPLE WITH DRY SENSITIVES ADULT ACNE PRONE SKINS.


2. Skin&Lab Vita Energy Toner and Mists – this toner has lot and lots of vitamin in it<3 I read lots of good reviews about this little baby and yes, it works well for my skins. The scents is so refreshing (has citrus scents) and it makes me awake. This toner acts as toners, serum and moisturisers as well. Its good for lazy girls like me, who wants to have flawless skin but too lazy to apply 10 steps korean skincare. LOL

Thank God, it doesn’t irritate my super sensitives skin. Currently, Im using Cosrx toner, but when my skin (allergic marks) is fully heals, I will apply more of this toner. Because it has lots of vitamin!

Where to shop:

15% discounts on your first order! Hermo.my

See you in my next posts!


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