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[Reviews]Korean Skincare ft. Hermo

Hello lovelies,

Im back with another first impressions review on a few more korean skincare products. Again, I bought this haul from Hermo.my<3


  1. Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum (Light) – I bought this trial bottle for only RM19 and its really worth it. I thinks its 25ml, I’ve been using it for about a month now (twice a day), its only 1/10. So, a little goes a long way. The consistency of this toner is very watery and runny, so its absorb really well onto my skin without any stickiness feeling. I have sensitives skin now and a few of burn marks, and this serum does a pretty job without irritate my skins<3 Before using this serum, my skin was very dry, but only after one applications, my skins feel alive, smooth and brighten when I woke up next morning. However, I thinks this serum is suitable for night time treatment as it will leaves your skin with brown stain a lil bit – maybe because its consists of brown sugar and korean wine. The color of serum is also brownish. But I don’t mind that, because despite from that, this serum really brighten, heals, and firming my skin. My acne scars and burn marks almost fade. My skins feels so smooth and my pores is getting smaller.
    the packaging of the serum
    the consistency is very watery and in light brown colors

    2. Sunflower Sunblock Cream spf50 – This sunblock is very lightweight, and its spread very well. When I blend it onto my skin, it gives natural finish and doesn’t leaves much whitecast.

the packaging



See you in my next post!


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