Live Love Laugh: How To Define Yourself. I did mine.

After listens to Lissie’talks, I got a new things started-how I  define ME. yes, its all about how to get up by define yourself better. You might end up depressed because you define yourself wrong. And thats makes you feel horrible, and tragic and sad. I knew it because I’ve done it before.

Actually its not me who started to define myself, but other people. That day I was too young to  discover myself. So I just listen to them and believe what they said for a long long time. It was in my mind since Im 14. Unfortunately, I lived in those environment that makes me feel bad about myself. I’ve been struggled for many years now to find exactly WHO IS ME?

All the negative thoughts and such things had been stuck in my mind and I just can’t let it go. I have been trying but I just can’t. I was a victim of others negativity and mentality. And since that moments, I hate myself. I hate everything about myself.

But Alhamdulillah, now, I can see clearly whats define me. I let go of my past and starts a new ME. Only me can define myself, not them. So, remember that, ONLY YOU CAN DEFINE YOURSELF, NOT OTHERS. Its you and its up to you.

How I define myself now?

Strong, Kind & Beautiful

Soft & Strong

After all the struggles, all the things that had happened to me since I was a little girl, I had to let it all go.

Starts define yourself now, only you knows yourself. They don’t know a single thing about you. Allah knows everything because He created you. So have faith that Allah will help you to define yourself. Ask for His guide.

Whats define you?


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