Live Love Laugh: The Untold Story

I’ve a story that I never told anyone about it. The story that I kept for many years. The story that keep me stronger each day. The story that gives blessings to me. The story that gave me life, make me feel alive.

I never told anyone about this. Anyone. Because Im afraid that it will be getting worse. Or does it will make a big difference if I told anyone about that?

I guess not. So I fight alone, I keep it to myself. And lose myself many times before I can finally breathing fine. Fight and fight and fight until Im tired. Too tired. I fight with myself-heart and mind. Not gonna lie, it almost kills me.

-A girl that I knew


Everyone has untold story of their life. The story that always in their minds. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it makes them feels strong. Whatever it is, you need someone to talk. Don’t let the story kills your mind. Find someone you can trust, and let it out. If you can’t trust anyone, thats okay. Because, you know that you’ll always have God.

I wish you find peace and happiness in your life. I hope that you will never give up on your life. You’ve been given this life because you are strong enough.

So, hang in there. Be strong!


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