Admit it.


Why are you thinking all of these? Why? Its not because you are not happy with whats Allah has prepared for you. But thats because people hates you for that in the past. SO YOU HATE YOURSELF TOO.

Thats could lead to depressions. You can start a new life, accept new people but you dont really recover untill certain time. It takes times. You will hurts others. And you will be hurting too because you thinks they don’t understands you. They will leave you. Alone.

So, admit. Admit that you are not okay. And you need them to help you get through it. Is that so hard? Yes. If those people never feel how you actually feels.

But thats okay. Just go and try your hard to help yourself. Even if you are alone.

Trust me. When you really recover, you will find peace. You will never mad at them because they leave you. Never be mad again.

Because finally, Allah helped you. To stay strong. And cure you.
Kerana Dia adalah sebaik-baik penyembuh.


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